About me

  • Bram van Eijsden
  • August 9th, 2004
  • Geulle, The Netherlands
  • bilingual-VWO
  • Mountainbiking
  • Roadcycling
  • Cyclecross

A few years ago I’s interested in sports and wanted to join a soccer club. My parents wondered if this sport would suit me the best. For fun I attended some mountainbike competition at the Limburgcross. It wasn’t fun because I started in wintertime and it was freezing cold. I stopped my cycling carreer and joined the scouts. I also attended in sportsclimbing with a youth club. But I still was’t happy with my sport. At the Ridder Ronde in Maastricht there’s a side event. Kids could join a clinic for soccer or join a clinic for cycling. I did both. Both sports were fun. I liked cycling more. My parents searched for a club nearby where I could learn cycling in a controlled and save environment. I joined wcl Bergklimmers in Stein (it’s Sittard). I did some road cycling and some competition. The training activities were a lot of fun and I realy enjoyed the technical elements in the training. Practicing balance on a bike, slowspeed skills and other stuff was really fun. The competions on the road were boring and I couldn’t manage up with the speed of the other youth. So I started mountainbiking. I attended some competitions in summer and winter and later on I pickedup roadcycling competitions again. I even started cyclecross. Now I do the three disciplines and in my opinion I’m quite good at it. Next year 2021 I want to start with training plans, to improve my physical strength in cycling. My goal is to reach topsports in cycling. For now I’m building my dream by enjoying the cycling in the Limburg hills. As I live in Geulle (Limburg The Netherlands) it’s easy for me to cycle in a nice environment with a lot of possibilities in terrain. The Dutch Olympic mountainbike training center at Watersley Sports and Talentpark, the Tom Dumoulin Bike Park and the Belgium Ardennes are nearby. A perfect environment to train and reach my goals!