For 2023 my first year as a U23 I’ll be part of the Belgian TigeRR Cycling Team. I’ll be part of the team as a mountainbiker. When it fits my schedule I’ll be competing in roadraces. Because mountainbiking differs a lot from roadracing I changed to a specific mountainbike trainer. Reza Ravenstijn is my new trainer.

TigeRR Cycling Team it is for 2022. Rob Ruijgh former pro-cyclist, my trainer is team manager TigeRR Cycling Team.

For season 2021 the Dutch KTM team asked me to join them. The team is superb and my teammates are very nice to cooperate with. I hope 2021 will bring a lot of fun with many races to compete in.

For season 2019 and 2020 I’m part of the Belgian Cycling Team Menen.

I started cycling with WCL Bergklimmers in Sittard (The Netherlands)

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